I Was Shocked When I Saw What He Made Out Of His Used Woods And Hammer!

Of all the things I have made, shelves have been constant and the simplest of them all,

I wanted to take it up a notch and keep it simple but make a shelf that was more creative than any other shelf I have ever made (new home decor ideas). This wall shelf/coat rack will be made out of some old pallets and hammerheads, yup HAMMERHEADS. It would fit in with my country rustic decor I already had going on you know? (rustic home decorating ideas) and I really want to share with you how easy it is to do. So let’s get started with this weird coat rack already! I bought three hammers from all home designs store up the block for less than $5.00 each, then I used some pieces of old pallet wood I had left over from another rustic home design project that I had worked on earlier, some wood glue, a box of 3″ screws and a drill.

I started by cutting the heads off of the hammers leaving enough of the body attached to the head so the screws can be drilled in easily. I put them aside and started on the shelf (main body). The pallet wood was measured and cut down according to the designated space on my wall; I ended up with three longer pieces and three shorter pieces, these shorter pieces were glued to two of the longer pieces and then screws reinforced the bonding. The other longer piece of pallet wood was glued and screwed on to the longer side of the boards (this is the shelf area). I thought if I am going to be putting hammerheads on this I might need additional support for the thing. So I cut two pieces of steel and affixed it to each side of the shelf/coat rack, I added some clear coating and set it aside to dry. Now it was time to pick up our hammerheads and drill holes for the screws as well as drill holes on the coat rack to hold the hammerheads in place on the coat rack itself. For this adjustment, I used a three-inch screw and larger washers to secure them from the back of the shelf (they were very heavy!) Finally I added a couple of D-rings to the back of the coat rack so I could hang it on the wall and now it’s a unique wall shelf and coat rack that everyone asks me about when they come to visit me.


15. I will show you all how to make! | log home decor

You don’t need to be living in the woods to have this log home decor be apart of your own interior decorating. I will show you how to create this in 1,2,3!

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