By Using Only Popsicle Sticks And Glue, She Makes A Diy That Will Shock You!

Popsicle sticks have been used in many (creative home ideas) projects. I think I was given my

first popsicle craft project
when I was about five years old, and I made the best fan you ever saw! Today our home design project is brought to you by a box of popsicle sticks, fast drying wood glue, acrylic paint or wood stains and a simple hexagon template (decorating home ideas on a budget). The good thing about this home decor idea is that you can take it anywhere your creative juices feel compelled to flow. You can choose my process and improve on it (smart home ideas) and make the project your own; it is that versatile a project people!

Okay, so you first want to get a nice flat surface to place your template, then you want to have all your supplies close at hand and ready to be used. I mean that you don’t want to be trying to get a stick out of the box and your glue is drying out on the sticks you know what I mean? Alright, so now that we have made everything readily available, it is time to begin. Start by placing three popsicles sticks on the frame of the hexagon template as shown in the video. Next, after you have lined that up to get your glue ready and put a little glue on the ends of the sticks that are opposite each other (we want to have both ends of the popsicle sticks stuck to the base of separate popsicle sticks). You will repeat this process until all of your one hundred popsicle sticks are used.

Now it is time to get creative; I mentioned that you acrylic paints for these frames I find that this medium works best in nurseries and kids playrooms. My choice for this living room called for a dark wood stain, and I stained over and over until I achieved the desired darkness I wanted. Put the frame to dry before you mount it on your walls. Another good thing about this project is that the sticks are very light and doesn’t cause damage to the walls so that a simple 3M wall hook would suffice fine. If you want to get fancy, you can also paint inside of the frame to add some depth and character to your popsicle stick wall shelf. I know that this was ridiculously easy to do and if you want to comment, please do so in the comment section and share the video with your friends!


15. home decor diy ideas. | One box of popsicle sticks (you will need at least 100).

home decor diy ideas that were inspired by popsicle sticks. You can get these sticks from almost any art store!

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home decor diy ideas. | One box of popsicle sticks (you will need at least 100).