A Carpenter Decides To Create A Special Gift For His Wife! – The Result Is A Labor Of Love! (video)

So my wife’s birthday was approaching, and I initially thought about a diy jewelry dish as a gift.

However, I tossed that gift idea because it was much too simple and required not much effort. Now I knew she hinted at a diy wooden countertop (creative home ideas), but I felt that whatever gift I gave it had to before exclusively since she does so much for all of us at home and yes I tossed that idea out too! I remembered reading a blog on one of my fellow carpentry friends where he had these valentine home ideas that somehow included a jewelry box. So I decided maybe this is what I needed to make for my wife. It wasn’t going to be any ordinary jewelry box either; this gift will take all of my skill and patience to get it right (diy mom birthday gifts).

So I started with a drawing of some cursive leaves, the ones from the Victorian era. I used tracing paper to keep my lines tight so I can avoid any issues when it was time to carve those pieces out. Now, guys, I have to do this process four times, and since this chest wasn’t the smallest, it took a lot of patience to get through that task. It wasn’t even the hardest part (the drawing that is). The hardest part was carving out the stencil from the pieces of wood, that took me at least two days to complete, and I had to take my time because one wrong move of the chisel and I would have to do the entire face of that part of the jewelry box all over. After cutting out of the designs, I had to get the dark wooden background ready since contrast was necessary for this gift to look good and deliver on what I wanted her to have which was quality! I chose a rich dark wood and cut out the arch for the cover and hollowed out the inside of the chest. Using PVA glue and clamps, I secured the designs to the body of the box and left it to dry for 24 hours. Next, I cut out small pieces of tan leather and screwed them into the sides of the jewelry box after I sprayed and varnished the chest. Please know that I am oversimplifying the process because I feel like you would benefit best by watching the tutorial on how I actually got it finished. I don’t want you all to become discouraged when it comes to making the people in your life happy nothing is too much. My wife loves her present, and that in itself made this a worthwhile project.


15. I started with a drawing for the faces of the box.

Starting my DIY jewelry box for my wife’s birthday. I started with a drawing to help me when it is time to start carving.

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diy jewelry box. | I started with a drawing for the faces of the box.