Great Hacks For Parents To Get Household Chores Done! | Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Parenting hacks were created by people who understand the struggle of getting your kids to co-operate especially when there’s little time to spare, you know what I mean? Getting them ready for school, taking them to the park, making breakfast (cool breakfast ideas for a 2-year-old are particularly hard!) feeding treats and monitoring them so nobody makes a mess, picking up legos and dolls off of the floor (cleaning tips and tricks) stuff along those lines; there were no diy books on these issues for me. We put together a little something for everyone, from toddler to the big kids. These are pretty clever and should have you AND the kids ready to take on whatever the day (and night) throw at you. Not to mention it should give you some time to relax and have a glass of bubbly to celebrate your extreme success with saving time and keeping them booked and busy, whether unknowingly helping you with chores (cleaning tricks) or dressing correctly!

Here we go, how many times have you had to call them back into the house (if you’re lucky enough to notice) that shoes are on the wrong feet of your 5-year-old? Too many times for me to mention! I found a hack for that good people! All you need to do is get a Disney sticker (disney diy) or any kind for that matter, as long as it has a left and right discerning sides; and cut it in half, then place one on the back side of the pair of shoes and so when your little one needs to put them on, all they have to do is line them up so the stickers make a complete picture and problem solved. Do this for every shoe if you must, the time saved is invaluable. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand for long pushing the swing higher and higher on command, I need to sit and catch my breath sometimes; hack number 2, get some rope and thread it through the loops of the swing seat and around your kid, make a knot and walk over to your chair then pull to swing! I want to give you one last one parenting hack number 3, keeping the kiddies from falling out of the bed or banging those precious fingers when the door slams, welcome to the pool noodle! Cut the noodle according to the length of the bed and put it at the edge of the bed under the sheets to keep your kids from falling out and to avoid the door slamming cut the noodle in half and then make a slit and affix it to the edge of the door.

Listen there are a thousand more ways to parent effectively and efficiently while keeping your sanity and your loved mini-me/s happy. If you also created some genius parenting hacks I would love to add them to my list, so send, send, send!

Vacuum ponytails for the girls! | diy tricks

Vacuum ponytails for the girls! | diy tricks

When I was in charge of getting the girls ready, I used to spend way too much time on hair, until I got a vacuum hose (diy trick) and placed the hair ties over the mouth of the hose, then turned it on and when the hose sucked in the hair, I quickly put the hair tie on, that was two minutes!

ID: 376

Getting my little ones to help me clean with some cleaning tricks!

Getting my little ones to help me clean with some cleaning tricks!

How many times do you hear groaning when you ask the kids to help with the cleaning chores? All the time right? Try this game (cleaning tricks), put some painter’s tape on the floor in the shape of two squares about 1 foot away from each other. Then tell the kids whoever gets the most debris swept into the square wins!

ID: 377

Keeping the clothes clean from all the lolly juice! | breakfast brunch ideas

Keeping the clothes clean from all the lolly juice! | breakfast brunch ideas

The red plastic cup has helped keep the kids’ hands and clothes clean when we put together our family get-togethers (breakfast brunch ideas).

ID: 378

Cleaning up the crayola markings from the kids’ art wall. | cheap diy wall art

Cleaning up the crayola markings from the kids' art wall. | cheap diy wall art

You can let the kids draw to their heart’s content and never have to worry about painting over the kids’ artwork (cheap diy wall art). In fact, I just make a baking soda paste, apply and wipe clean so they can do it all again tomorrow!

ID: 379

Preventing those bedtime fails of falling out of the bed! | diy four poster bed

Preventing those bedtime fails of falling out of the bed! | diy four poster bed

Keeping the kids out of my diy four poster bed got a whole lot easier, they claim that they keep falling out of their own beds at night. So I cut a pool noodle in half and then put it under the sheets to keep them all tucked in and safe in their own bed!

ID: 380

Pool noodle to rescue once again! | diy baby nursery

Pool noodle to rescue once again! | diy baby nursery

When my kids finally graduated from their diy baby nursery, I had to make sure that they didn’t slam their fingers in the door while playing, so I cut a pool noodle and made a slit in it and clipped it on to the edge of the door to prevent accidents like that from happening.

ID: 381

Getting the shoes on the right feet the first time!

Getting the shoes on the right feet the first time!

So I was tired of telling Katie that her shoes were on the wrong feet and I devised a plan to fix that problem. I cut a sticker in half and stuck them to the back of the shoes so when they are put together the “puzzle face” is complete, worked wonders because I have not had any problems since.

ID: 382

Making treats for sore throats with this little trick!

Making treats for sore throats with this little trick!

When the kids have a sore throat and they’re picky and whiny. I whip up some colored gelatin and honey and make jello shots! They love it!

ID: 383

Storing the pancake batter in old ketchup bottles!

Storing the pancake batter in old ketchup bottles!

Trust me when I say, clean up is a breeze and the pancakes are perfect every time! I mix the pancake batter and pour it into an old ketchup bottle and all I need to do is squeeze into the pan!

ID: 384

Do your kids know what time it is? Mine do!

Do your kids know what time it is? Mine do!

Making the kids their schedules turned out to be pretty easy with the colored clock. All I did was create a color key to mark the times on the clock when they have to be doing a particular task!

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Overprotective Mom Leaves Baby In The Care Of Young Niece. Minutes Later Receives This Photo

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It all started with this Facebook post from Claudia, the aunt of J’Ann. She had to go out to do some stuff and decided to ask her niece the favor of taking care of her baby, little Ava.

ID: 281

A very entertained babysitting story

When the time comes and you are a parent, then out of the sudden your mission is no other than

taking care of your baby even with your life if it’s necessary.  We know It sounds a little bit excessive, but actually, that’s sort of the feeling a parent has while looking after its children.

It is regular for them to reach a point where they never get to trust someone else the way they do it with themselves about caring for their own child.


And that’s when the problem comes since they don’t trust “that easily” for expressing it in a way. In consequence, it is highly difficult for them to let others take care of the difficult action of babysitting.

And this doesn’t even change if they go to a professional babysitting company, no matter how many babysitting forms for parents to fill out the would read, they’re actually not calmed, nonetheless, at the end of the day, it’s just a matter of trusting. Is not only people with creative drawing ideas for kids, these are professionals who dedicate their lives to take care of babies.

Well so far, we have already told a side of the story which is the difficult part, as a parent, of letting your child with others. But have we spoken about the other side? Having the enormous responsibility of taking care of someone rather than your kid can be an overwhelming experience.


If you’re not a professional, we mean, otherwise that’s something very common for you. But speaking of unprofessional people, have you ever needed to take care of your niece? Well, we all have been there at least once, and we definitely have to admit it’s very scary. Is not only not knowing what to do, but also a matter of having such duty in your hands what makes you have the idea of “I’m not gonna make it”.

Are required lots of babysitting ideas in order not to ruin it, but the most important thing is not to freak out.


Babysitting in your own home can be an advantage you can use in your favor since you’re in your place you know its corners and know how to play with it. That, and a ton of imagination and we think the result is going to be pretty good.

If you’re not convinced you can ask J’Ann, the girl that is shaking social networks after in-home babysitting for her baby cousin. Do you want to know why? Just keep reading, we’ll tell you the whole story.

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A Shipping Container Costs About $2,000. What These 15 People Did With That Is Beyond Epic.

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The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a solid place to stand the  shipping container.

ID: 244

How to set the basis for your mobile home

Have you ever wondered how to build a low-cost home? Sure, you have! We know 

from first hand that having your own house these days it’s an activity that requires a lot of investment, that’s why it is, in fact, a total headache when the time comes and you need to look for the best price. Luckily, we are living in a moment where creativity has become our first tool, and somewhere in between chaos and spending a lot of money, we always end up by finding a great and inventive solution.

One of the trends lately for not spending a huge quantity of money and in addition having a great appearance in your house, it is transforming a shipping container into an actual place for living. In the beginning, this was something only used for Plainfield home builders but currently is something very common in all kind of places.

There are several possibilities when it comes to this type of houses, you can buy it already done or to build one. If you choose the first one actually there are plenty of options, have you seen signposts with headlines like “home depot buildings for sale “? Well, the market is full of houses like this, but even when is not as expensive as buying a regular house still it is cheaper if you build it yourself from scratch. Hard to believe, right? But really, even when it doesn’t sound like something likely or easy to do this is nowadays a good tendency to follow.

You can save an outstanding amount if you go for the container idea, plus you’ll have tons of benefits. One of them is certainly the design, this becomes an easy task since the minimalism of the concept, and even when you need to build from the ground up the expenses are very short and the final result is something you can have in a very reckless period of time.

So, would you like to know how to save money and have an avant-garde house? Stop asking yourself questions like “how much does a Morton building home cost?” or “how much does it cost to build a mobile home?” You’ll find actually you can create your own household with a limited budget, and here we have the best “How to” tips for you to start building it, so get ready.

We will learn how to build a deck on a mobile home and so much more, so you better prepare to be amazed by the step by step description of how you can do the house of your dreams with a budget under $50,000. 

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Woman Gives Her Cluttered Bedroom A Diy Makeover On A Budget With 4 Plain Shelving Units

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This is the bed the girl wanted to transform, she was having difficulties with space because the bed was taking too much of it and her clothing storage was not enough.

ID: 221

IKEA furniture straps: Ikea units you can transform into a bed

ikea furniture straps: Ikea units you can transform into a bed

She started by building up the Ikea cabinets, this would serve as the frame of the bed she was willing to create. As you can see these cabinets are Ikea units made for storage so this is going to work well with the purpose she had. This idea of design bedroom Ikea is actually a great alternative when you want to redesign your bedroom on a budget.

ID: 222

Ikea bed wood slats: The platform of the new bed

Ikea bed wood slats: The platform of the new bed

Once the cabinets were assembled they were paired side to side and united by the Ikea bed wood slats. This was made by screwing a nail between the woods and the cabinets, considering, of course, the appropriate distance between each wood.

ID: 223

Interior decoration ideas for bedroom: The importance of a shelf

Interior decoration ideas for bedroom: The importance of a shelf

If what you’re looking for is space, nothing suits better for that than a shelf. To make the shelf in this bedroom the girl used random planks of wood she found in her backyard. If you do this please be careful, you need to make sure these woods are bug-free, and if you’re asking yourself, can bed bugs live on clothes? The answer is yes.

ID: 224

Beautiful bedroom design ideas: Taking care of the shelf

Beautiful bedroom design ideas: Taking care of the shelf

As we see the first step here was to take the nails out of the wood, it is important to have a flat surface to work on. This way the shelf will look perfect!

ID: 225

Ikea bed ideas: Taking a regular bed to another level

Have you ever been trapped in a tiny small bedroom? Very often

 happens that we live in small places where we don’t even have enough space for our stuff, and that’s certainly one of the most frustrating things. That’s when you end up by thinking of things to do in order to change it, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll come up with a bunch of beautiful bedroom design ideas.

If this is the problem you are having, please chill out! The actual trouble of small places is a matter of not knowing how to efficiently earn some space by organizing everything around and also by creating special furniture that might contain lots of things. And that’s actually what we’re planning to teach you here.

There are thousands of interior decoration ideas for bedroom, and you don’t need a lot of budgets to make it happen, just a little bit of disposition and of course, inspiration. And nothing says more “inspiration” than setting up your own Ikea furniture, did you know that Ikea’s furniture is the most sold in history?

There’s a simple reason why this is so, and it’s because this furniture is practical. You can set it up by yourself at home, they’re reliable and with a high quality… and beyond that, a lot of people lately is inventing and transforming the way of using these products.

Lots of ideas are put together with the purpose of redesigning the space, for example, Ikea bed wood slats, or Ikea furniture straps, or even the organizing idea of Ikea clothes. But in conclusion, we end up by having excellent assemblies of these Ikea products that collaborate with our goal of exploiting all the possible areas of a small place.

Originally this was only young girls bedroom ideas redefining the concept of Edmonton bedroom furniture, but lately, it has become something more than girls bedroom ideas pink or even a Barbie bedroom furniture sets. Nowadays, “Beautiful bedroom design ideas” converge with scenarios where limited spaces represent a problem.

So, are you interested in bedroom design decorating ideas? On the following, we will show you how the initiative of a girl for making her bedroom larger, found its way by adding a couple of Ikea products and a lot of imagination. So get ready to be amazed, grab a notebook and take as many notes as possible, because this tips will make you think whether your bedroom is large enough or not.

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