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How To Make Fancy Candle Holders For Your House

Have you ever thought of making small changes in your house but found yourself too lazy to go out and buy something? Read more

9Step #1: Clean your cups before making candle mold:

Difference sizes of plastics of the outside mold
Different yogurt cups for the inside mold
Plastic sheets
Cooking spray (make sure it is nonstick)
Cement mix from any store. Rapid set one works fine for this project
A basket to mix everything in
A stick to stir everything
A measuring cup
Latex gloves
Sanding pads
Paint color of your likings

Take your yogurt cups and plastic molds that you will use to make candle mold out of cement and clean them inside out. Once they have dried, spray a very thin layer of the cooking spray inside your mold. You can skip the cooking spray if you find it to be an additional step but it will help you to remove plastic easily away from cement.

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